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Education & Empowerment

With this program, Pia will meet with the team (therapists, family and child) and guide them in finding  and carrying out the most efficient interventions tailored to the child with their specific type of cerebral palsy, by using a highly systematic intervention framework. 

The goal is always to maximize ways to incorporate therapeutic activities into meaningful functional activities that the child and family engage in as part of their usual day.

The use of technologies such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and Spinal Neuromodulation (Susan Hasting's protocol) are interventions that Pia can help the team incorporate into the child's intervention plan. 

Let us know a little more about your child by filling out the contact form below!

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Price per hour of consulting: $US200.00


"Your support and coaching is responsible for our son's seemingly miraculous improvements. Not only did you allow us to raise our expectations and then watch them grow exponentially, you helped us create a limitless vision for the brightest of futures imaginable."

Steve & Tory

IMG_1907 2.jpeg

We are so grateful to have Pia in our lives. She has helped us see that change is 100% possible for our son.

We love how she thinks outside the box and tailors the techniques for our son to get to achieving his best. 

We love the encouragement and confidence she instills in us. 

Anna & Luke

"Pia is a very experienced, wonderful person, and she helped us a lot with structuring our life. We were struggling with finding the balance between seeking what worked for our daughter and not creating something overwhelming. Pia analysed all the different therapies/activities that our daughter had been going through, split them into categories, and helped us understand what each was trying to achieve. She, then asked what our goals were, and developed a clear, logical plan that focused on what our daughter needed and helped remove potential unnecessary burden"

Sarah & Klaus

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