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Targeted Individual Coaching With Your Own Clients

Have you ever wanted to have a highly experienced mentor and coach to help solve tough clinical cases? 

Pia will teach her systematic approach and guide you to put all the puzzle pieces together for your own clients. 


Fill out this contact form and book a 15 minute free of charge consult where we can talk about this mentoring program.

  Price per hour: $US200.00 



Clinical Excellence Online is a new online coaching platform run by Mindy Silva, who is well know from WiredON Development. The platform will open to new members a few times a year. To sign up for the waiting list click here


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“Working with Pia was an invaluable experience. Her coaching model not only gives you an opportunity to develop core clinical skills but also encourages you to collaborate and think outside the box. The time I spent with Pia coaching gave me the tools that built the foundation of my clinical practices.” 

Ines B, PT

"I learned so much in a short period of time from Pia's wealth of knowledge and experience. For me, Pia's approach was different but very logical and I could see change in my student right away. I really liked that I could ask specific questions and get the answers and suggestions. What I learned I can use for many of my students going forward. Highly recommended" 

Lisa K, PT

" What a gift to have a highly skilled mentor guide me with my patient. The way Pia taught me to be systematic in my assessment and intervention makes total sense and I cannot wait to use it on all my patients! Thank you so much!"

Sean M, PT

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