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Pia has over 40 years of experience as a pediatric physical therapist, most of it working with children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders in a variety of setting. 

Pia founded KeytoCP, an intensive therapy program in Rochester, NY, where her  intensive therapy framework was used for blocks of intensive multidisciplinary therapy. 

After retiring from clinical practice in 2021, Pia is now focused on sharing her knowledge and experience via coaching for family and therapist teams. Additionally, Pia teaches workshops for pediatric therapists and she offers 1:1 coaching for therapists, who aim to use these effective strategies with their own clients. 

Curiosity and a strong desire to see better outcomes drove the development of a systematic, intensive therapy framework, a work initially created along with Karen Pape, MD. To learn more about Pia's systematic, intensive therapy framework, listen to this interview on WiredON Development

In this framework Alignment plays a major role followed by Awareness, Muscle Activation and Strength. These four core components do not stand alone, rather they are addressed with a positive and engaging coaching approach. The coaching ensures that the entire team, including the child, takes ownership of the work as it is embedded into daily life, leading to better outcomes and lasting change.

Read more about Pia's  experiences as a physical therapist in her Welcome Blog

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