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Pia's Systematic, Intensive Therapy Framework for CP

 Learn how to implement a highly effective intensive therapy framework. The intensive program can easily be implemented in your own clinical practice or you can use the framework to be a more efficient therapist in any setting. 

NEW: live in-person course in Houston Texas, May 2024:

If you wish to host an in-person course and you are in the US follow this link:


If you wish to host an in-person or online course and you are outside of the US, please fill out this contact form.


Suface EMG Biofeedback for CP - The Power of Aha-Moments!
Biofeedback workshop.jpeg

sEMG Biofeedback WorkshopWorkshop, New Jersey,May 2022


sEMG Biofeedback WorkshopWorkshop, Auckland New Zealand, March 2020

Learn to use Surface EMG Biofeedback, a powerful and highly motivating intervention where change in the child's ability to activate muscles happens right away. 


Enjoy this introductory podcast about SEMG Biofeedback taught by Pia


Join us at the ARCM conference in Atlanta October, 2023: The ABCs of EMG Biofeedback in Physical Rehabilitation

f you wish to host an sEMG Biofeedback workshop please fill out the contact form


"I can't express in words how happy I am that I was able to get to know Pia's concept and also see how she works. Pia is so down-to-earth and brings content across in such a logical and structured way that you can't believe that this is not already taught in your PT studies. TAKE THE COURSE/GET COACHED! It is the essential foundation you are missing to create more clarity for yourself and your patients and to become a better PT. Pia you are a wonderful mentor!"

Agnes W

The course was amazing! I learnt so much and am so excited to head back to Australia and put it into practice. I wish it had been longer, I could watch you treat for days  hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to learn from you again in the future"



Lovely, practical and interactive course. Thank you and please come back"

"Absolutely excellent. Many of the interventions I had heard of but never seen them used in such a thorough way"

Thanks very  much  for what I call an good old fashioned physio course, where we knuckled down and talked about treatment and then watched and DID.!"

Many workshops have too much theory and not enough practice. This workshop had an excellent amount of really interesting practical work - just what we need for working in the real world"

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