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Parent Webinar Series

Stay Tuned

Highly educational webinar series for parents of children with CP is coming in the next few months


Participation will be limited to 30 families. To put your name on the list, please fill out this contact form

A 3-part Parent/Caregiver Webinar CP Series:


       Cerebral Palsy: Understanding how to create a foundation for functional participation across the lifespan

It’s all about “doing the right thing, at the right time, and in the right order”

Being an educated consumer is not easy if you live where a multitude of intervention choices are available to children with CP or if you live where interventions are far and few between.  

In this webinar series, parents and caregivers will be introduced to a foundational, systematic approach to treatment of CP. It’s about what it takes to develop a solid foundation for skills development that can be incorporated into daily life with a keen eye on maintaining good health and participation across the lifetime of persons with CP. Once you have the foundation, you can build on top of that.

Webinar 1: 60 minutes

The Big Picture:

  • Brain injury/recovery and neuroplasticity: Potential and Hope

  • A highly systematic approach to developing functional skills across developmental domains looking at the whole child

The Specifics – part 1: 90 minutes: 

Alignment & Awareness will create the foundation for development of functional skills and participation readiness across the life span

  • Alignment is the first component. Learn to step back and look at a child’s alignment. Malalignment causes pain and loss of function over time. Learn to be a step ahead of the game by recognizing specific periods in a child’s life when supporting alignment is of utmost importance. Specific alignment interventions will be discussed such as body orthoses, splints, positioning and more including use of simple available materials.  

  • The importance of awareness cannot be underestimated; there are many ways to address awareness such as improving proprioception and vision for creating spatial awareness and building it into daily life. We will look at a continuum of interventions and tools for addressing body and spatial awareness. 

The Specifics – part 2: 60 minutes

  • Coaching strategies is a powerful tool for teaching children to understand their bodies and for gaining control. A child who is coached is a partner instead of a passive receiver of treatment

  • Bringing it all together and seeing the big picture over the span of time

  • Questions & Discussion


Intervention for specific children will not be addressed; this webinar series is merely educational. Generalized case examples will be given during the presentation. 

Specific child related questions should be directed to the child’s therapy and medial team. 

We will meet via Zoom and participation will be limited to 30 families.  

Cost for all three sessions: US$75

Teamwork is Dream Work!

Ask your therapists to participate in a therapy workshop where the same framework is taught in more detail! 

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