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In my long career as a pediatric physical therapist, I have so often wondered why there is so little emphasis on HOPE when we talk about cerebral palsy. The going philosophy among most health care professionals seem to be that there is not much hope that a child with early acquired brain damage and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, will be able to excel in life.

That, in spite of the fact that Neuroplasticity - the brains ability to change - has been proven beyond doubt many years ago.

So, why is it that parents are so often given a dismal prognosis for their infant? "Your child will never be able to walk, talk or take care of himself". Why, I ask myself over and over, would anyone ever give a parent such a message? Is it ignorance? Is it safer so no one will come back and say that they were told their child would be able to learn?

How would you feel if someone told you that there was no chance that you would ever be able to learn something that you desire to learn? Most of us would be discouraged and maybe give up before even trying.

So when I say that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE....that there are so many ways for a child to learn new I giving false hope, something I have been accused of many time?. No I am not; I have yet to meet a child that could not learn if given the right intervention, in the right order and at the right time. Not one child. I am not giving false hope - I am giving hope and when there is hope there will be will and plenty opportunity.

This is the reason why I want to share my knowledge and my framework. The framework consisting of a highly systematic treatment methodology, delivered within a thoughtful coaching model. This way of working creates a strong team consisting of the child, the family, the therapists and any other professional who is willing to have an open mind.

Once I realized what was possible using my model, I could be the giver of HOPE and I could move on with a whole new passion and purpose.

I invite you to join me because HOPE is so powerful and anyone willing to learn can be the bearer of HOPE. Imagine that.

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